Welcome to the 2023 series of Duck Dodge Sailing Events!

Duck Dodge is a Lake Union, Seattle, sailing event on Tuesday nights that runs from the beginning of May and runs through the summer, frequently having the final event on the first Tuesday of September. Our final event of the year, Rum Run, takes lake boats out through the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks to the salt water and runs a sailing event that begins in the vicinity of Shilshole bay and crosses the sound to end in Port Madison. Once our sailors have completed a course set by a committee boat, there is a raft up that will run until 10PM on Tuesday nights and has no defined end time in Port Madison as many boats opt to stay the night at anchor or on the raft.

Duck dodge has been a staple on Lake Union for 49 years this year. We are a welcoming community, encouraging sailors to come join us on the water regardless of their age, ethnicity, background, creed, political affiliation, gender identification, or who they love. All are welcome to join us on the water. If you’re looking for a way to break into the scene, joining the committee boat crew is a fantastic way to see how the events are run, contribute to the community, and meet skippers of boats that might take you sailing! Click Here to sign up to volunteer!

We’ve got some changes this year to try and even out the number of boats in each start and to increase fairness for fellow sailors in each start to have the chance at being one of the first 3 boats to cross the line at the end of the course. Please check out the Rules Page for these changes!