Duck Dodge Histerical Page

Actually, the original name was the "Tenas Chuck Duck Dodge". Tenas Chuck is the native american name for Lake Union (Chuck means "water", as in the Pilchuck, Skookumchuck, Chuckanut, Saltchuck, etc.) Duck Dodge one would assume means that in order to navigate the course one must either duck Dodges or dodge ducks. Since there are probably more ducks on Lake Union than Dodges, it is safe to assume the latter.

The original handbill announcing the first (technically second) Duck Dodge in 1974 actually has a sub-title of "Lake Union Beer Can Regatta". This was included because a friend of mine was worried that people wouldn't "get it" if we just called it the Duck Dodge.

Anyway, just some worthless trivia for you. I have much much more if anyone cares.

Ron Lloyd,
Co-founder of the Duck Dodge
(With Mike Rice and Bruce Gilbert)
First DUCK DODGE Poster